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Prince William Opens Hospital to treat Coronavirus in UK

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has opened a new hospital, built in just eight days to treat Coronavirus patients in the UK.

The emergency COVID-19 hospital was launched at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, and it's called the Nightingale Hospital. Prince Williams addressed the new hospital staff and builders via live video as he launched the hospital and urged everyone to not relent until Covid-19 is flushed from the the health fabric of the UK.

Prince William, speaking from his home in Norfolk, said: “I want to congratulate and thank all of you for all your hard work in putting this together.

"I think it’s a herculean effort, it really is, and you should be rightly very proud of what you’ve achieved.

"Thank you for everything you’ve done, it really means a lot to everybody.”

The hospital has a 500-bed capacity, which can be increased to 1,500 and was built by 400 civilian contractors and military personnel.

It is the second of seven new hospitals being constructed around England in response to the Coronavirus outbreak in the European nation.

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